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Lord have mercy. (a kool-aid drinker) it is plainly apparent you have no idea what you forwarded. A (transcript)? You remind me of a recently "fired" news reporter at the New York Times. (my question was always, why in the world did they hire the person in the first place). A word of advice, the next time you try conducting an investigation, "lead it, don't follow it"   
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You state:
No creditable or factual information has been discovered, or uncovered that would refute or disprove ANY testimony or claim made by Tom Papania, or Godís Saving Grace Ministries.

Intimate knowledge of the criminal investigation process and the prosecution system leads me to believe that Mr. Papania would not have been as thoroughly investigated, have such an extensive, detailed and documented criminal justice record and history, gone to trial nor been jailed if the stories he now freely tells were not factually accurate.

Well, Robert, here is some factual information, direct from the Official Court Reporter, US District Court, PO Box 6226, Rome GA, 30162, USA.
What do you think, Sir?
13th August 2005AD