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Dear Sirs,
I had him as a speaker back when his popularity had peaked on the Dr. Dobson show. I have since gotten to know Tom very well and have cut off all contact with him. I suggest others do the same.
Press On!
Rick Mathes
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ATTN - Rick Mathes
Dear Sir,
Just a brief note to humbly suggest that you take a quick look at www.tompapania.info, which has the actual courtroom transcripts of Tom Papania testifying in the court case CR86-185A, that he was NEVER a member of any mafia family ever.  Tom's employment history was revealed during this court case (volume 43), and these pages are also listed on www.tompapania.info
Tom's first prison term was not for shooting two men - as he claims - but rather, for burglary.  These court documents are also listed.
Tom's name change documents are listed.
The editor of Gangland News also confirms that Tom Papania was not a member of the Gambino Mafia family.
As I understand that you have hosted Tom Papania as guest speaker, I think it would be helpful to know the truth about him.
Thank you.